Lee Spring is presenting its updated Series 19 stock spring catalogue at the FAST Exhibition on Thursday 18 April at the RAF Museum, Cosford, which includes its new enhanced range of metric springs.

The updated catalogue demonstrates the company’s complete range of over 19,000 springs and spring fasteners, which now includes 2,000 new metric additions. Springs manufactured using metric-wire help Lee Spring to offer more accurate spring measurement to customers working in metric units. 

“We continue to display our extensive product range in both imperial and metric, but we have the addition of some new metric-wire spring products, including REDUX™ Wave Spring, Torsion Spring and, more recently, Extension spring designs” says Chris Petts, Managing Director of Lee Spring. “Metric is increasingly becoming an industry standard as a result of globalisation.”

Lee Spring manufactures and supplies springs and fasteners to various industry sectors for a wide range of different applications, in particular to numerous medical applications, where reliability and precision are essential.  The springs are used in pharmaceutical delivery systems such as syringes, intravenous valve controls and automated drug control, as well as medical and surgical devices such as staple guns, catheter valves and anaesthetic infusion, and all conform to the stringent quality requirement of medical device and pharmaceutical customers.

The company was also recently involved in supporting the restoration of a Sopwith Dolphin First World War aircraft, now on display at RAF Museum, Hendon, as Chris Petts explains. “Lee Spring extension springs were used for the replica Lewis guns on the aircraft.   It was a truly unique application and demonstrates how varied the applications of Lee Spring are.” he says.

To complement the catalogue Lee Spring also offers an expert custom spring design service, employing a variety of materials to suit very specific application requirements.  Whether the need is for 10 or 10 million pieces, Lee Spring can help each customer to find exactly the right spring for their application.

“Lee Spring has been exhibiting at the FAST Exhibition since the show was founded in 2005. It is a great opportunity to interact with engineers, manufacturers and product designers” says Chris Petts, Managing Director of Lee Spring. “We look forward to showing a range of Lee Spring springs and fasteners and sharing our complete product portfolio with visitors through our updated catalogue.”

Visitors can speak with Lee Spring specialists at the FAST Exhibition and make appointments in advance by calling +44 (0)118 974 0412. 

For more information, or to order a new catalogue please visit www.leespring.co.uk or call +44 (0)118 978 1800.