PATLITE’s new intelligent signal tower with network monitoring function allows economical control of the functions of up to 24 network components for each signal tower.

The NHL features numerous control options: Used as a PING device monitor it detects whether all network components are connected with the network. To achieve this, it initiates PING interactions for up to 24 devices and alerts the administrator with a light/sound signal in case a PING response fails.
The NHL tower also sends a light/sound signal for SNMP TRAP messages generated by routers, printers or switches in case of an error. In addition, the signal tower can also be used to monitor important background applications and can send an e-mail message with up to eight events. The title and text of the e-mail can be programmed in advance based on the event.
Easy set-up
The NHL is controlled by RSH commands in combination with standard management software. To set up the signal tower, all you need is the IP address and a web browser. Integrated firmware is also easy to update using the web browser.
Order options
The NHL is available with or without an AC adapter. Its simple, elegant design fits into any office environment. In “Off” state the LED modules are white. When switched on, they light up red, yellow and green and can display different flashing patterns depending on the respective event. A diffuse reflecting mirror, the patented special prism cut and high-power LEDs ensure excellent visibility.  Also, the NHL signal tower can emit four different buzzing sounds, from slow intermittent to uninterrupted.
PATLITE offers various mounting options for the NHL: The standard method is platform mounting on tables or cabinets; optionally, the unit is also available with wall or partition mounting.