As part of its wide range of advanced motion controls and micropositioning mechanics, Aerotech manufactures a large selection of rotary stages that provide the enabling angular positioning performance for numerous industrial production and test, and scientific research applications. In its newest brochure the leading motion specialist has brought together an important collection of rotary stages in one single 36-page resource that will facilitate comparison of specifications and prominent characteristics for eleven different rotary stage types – from high performance low profile stages with air bearings and direct drive motors to large diameter/large aperture gear driven stages for rotary positioning.

Aerotech’s rotary stages form a significant part of single and multi-axis positioning systems complete with advanced motion controls that are used across industrial automation, photonics, medical device, semiconductor, laser micromachining and many other industries. Each rotary stage requirement differs in terms of precision, dynamic performance and budget, and these constraints are reflected in the bearing, drive and build construction technologies used.

The new brochure covers the top-end ABRT and ABRS ranges with brushless and slotless direct drive motors and air bearings for outstanding error motion and wobble performance suited to the exacting requirements called for in wafer inspection, DVD mastering and high precision metrology.  For applications where heavier loads, higher torques and increased industrial durability are called for, Aerotech ADRT and ADRS stages introduce similar wobble and runout performance with direct drive motors and angular contact bearing systems. For applications where large through apertures are required (up to 325 mm), the ALAR range provides excellent accuracy and repeatability with continuous rotation speeds up to 300 rpm – much higher speeds and consequently much higher production throughput than gear driven, high resolution stages. Other stages featured in the brochure include the specialist ANT95 and 130 miniature stages which address the high resolution (0.01 arc-sec) positioning needs of MEMS and nanotechnology manufacture and test. Other specialist areas are represented with the fully sealed and IP66 rated ASRT stages which have been developed for hostile environment applications such as laser micromachining and are impervious to cutting fluids. Aerotech’s ARMS series feature mechanical bearings and direct drive technologies, specifically aimed at highly accurate motion generation applications such as rate tables and gyro/accelerometer sensor calibration and test. Finally, the AGR series includes a more traditional mechanical bearing and worm-gear design that has a very large aperture and can fulfil general purpose rotary positioning applications in industry and in the laboratory, at very competitive cost.

The new Rotary Stage brochure is available as a PDF download from the website. It also includes a brief overview of Aerotech’s advanced motion controls and its capabilities across other market areas such as alternative energies, medical device and life sciences, government and educational research, and electronics manufacture, assembly & test.

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