Simple design, Superior performance

A new range of forward curved centrifugal fans is designed to simplify specification across multiple projects and promote prompt order fulfillment has been introduced by Air Control Industries (ACI), specialist in industrial air movement products.

Based upon a common configuration for all unit sizes, it is the first in a series of product lines to be based upon the company’s new ‘Homogeneous’ modular design concept.

Designated ‘H’ (Homogeneous Fan), the fan range conforms to a standard scalable configuration. This permits engineers to become rapidly familiar with the fans, their space envelope demands and their application capabilities. In addition, the fans cover a wide performance range with small increments between range models to ensure a more accurate fulfillment of the required duty specification.

ACI’s H fans are direct driven units with motor sizes ranging from 0.18 to 22kW, delivering flow rates up to 6000m3/hr (3600 CFM), and pressures up to 40mBAR (14In. Swg).  Standard options include 1 and 3-phase versions with 2 or 4 pole metric or NEMA motors.

Fan housings can be supplied in sheet steel (powder coated black as standard), stainless steel (304 or 316), or aluminium. Explosive risk (ATEX/CSA), UL and CE motor versions are further options for customers’ consideration.

“The new H Range provides an exciting platform from which we can launch many variations of fan type and size due to its modular design, with fan scrolls in any width to suit fan wheels up to 315mm in diameter,” says Paul Tuffin, ACI’s Managing Director. “In addition all will be compliant to efficiencies defined by ErP Directive for 2013 and 2015.”

A full range of accessories for the H Range has also been created and includes a range of finger guards, inlet and discharge spigots, discharge flanges and pedestals.

All H fan range details, including downloadable 2D and 3D drawings, are available for easy incorporation into engineering drawings from ACI’s website: