EMSc (UK), manufacturer of the Star range of energy saving solutions, has launched a Manufacturing Sustainability Conference. This will take place at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham on Tuesday, 18th September 2012. 

The conference, which is delivered in partnership with Made in Sheffield, is aimed at providing a platform to promote innovative British manufacturing as well as to provide the manufacturing sector with comprehensive information relating to sustainability issues and ways to improve energy efficiency.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, EMSc (UK) managing director, said: “There are enormous opportunities for the manufacturing sector to make energy savings. However, many manufacturers have yet to take steps to reduce their energy consumption and emissions associated with their operations, with some remaining cautious about implementing energy saving technologies due to the perceived effects these technologies might have on equipment and operating efficiency. We have launched the conference to address some of the most fundamental sustainability issues facing the sector today, and to show how controlling and reducing energy spend can help manufacturing businesses maximise efficiencies and improve profitability.”

Dr Mardapittas will be sharing his insights in a presentation on how the implementation of technologies such as voltage optimisation can help manufacturers achieve energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions.

The conference will also also bring together insights from leaders and professional bodies, including the British Frozen Food Federation, environmental consultancy Blue Castle, and manufacturing specialists AESSEAL.