Rotor BV has opened a 1MW motor test facility at its European headquarters in Eibergen, the Netherlands. Built in co-operation with its sister company, Unico, the facility will be used to test both standard and special motors for their suitability for various marine and offshore certifications.

The system is set up to efficiently regenerate power back into the supply mains, so the total power consumption is equal only to the losses in the system. It uses a 1MW four-pole motor as a brake against which the test motor drives, with the brake motor being an LOD 500 made by another sister company, Marathon. This has been modified by the addition of sleeve bearings, which permit test speeds of up to 3600rpm.

Jeroen Navis, quality and technology manager for Rotor BV in Eibergen, said: “With our new facility we can now test motors up to a power of 1MW and overload the system for a short period of time to 1.6MW.

“The system is approved for voltages up to 690V. This means we can improve our service to clients and ensure efficiency in our supply and certification services. Previously we had a smaller test facility, but the largest motors had to be tested by a third party – now we can do it in house. The result is better turnaround time and increased operational flexibility, both of which translate to immediate benefits to our clients.”