Infrared inspection window manufacturer, IRISS, has announced the introduction of its new Platinum Series. Developed in response to customer demands, these IR windows offer clear visual inspection yet don’t run the risk of shattering like crystal versions.

The new series of IR windows was created using the company’s Poly-View System patented clear polymer. This is reinforced by an aluminium honeycomb grill and is not degraded by acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration or high frequency noise. It is impact resistant and carries an unlimited lifetime warranty.

According to the company, Platinum exceeds industry standards as the only IR window suitable for electrical inspection in the UV, visual and all three infrared spectrums. A fixed and stable transmission rate is assured for accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis.  It helps companies comply with NFPA 70E electrical safety standards and is fully certified and tested to UL, IEE, IP65/NEMA 4, Lloyds of London and the American Bureau of Shipping standards.

The IRISS Platinum Series is available in both round and rectangular window shapes with customizable features such as housing materials, gaskets, covers, locking devices, private labelling and colour.  In addition, custom solutions with Poly-View System technology can be configured to virtually any shape or size – a capability that is not achievable with crystal technology.

Such has been the demand for its products, particularly in the US, that this British company is breaking ground on a state of the art $5.7 million lean manufacturing facility in Florida to keep pace with demand.

The company is currently running a special offer on its new range: