The new zero backlash high precision speed reducer that’s bringing increased efficiency to medium and large scale robotic and automated manufacturing processes needing high speed reduction ratios will be released at Drives and Controls by Centa Transmissions.

FINE CYCLO F4CFS-UA 115 now available in the UK from Sumitomo precision product specialist Centa, is the only speed reducer of this high capacity that’s available anywhere in the world, having a very low propensity for error, even when working under maximum dynamic alternating loads.

Using the unique Cyclo principal, its innovative design features specially contoured cycloid disc lobes which enables the two-stage reduction gear to operate at very low vibration levels, with an optimal distribution of load forces. The cycloid discs for the second stage gear are combined with four spur (involute) gears that operate as the first stage of a central toothed input shaft, each spur gear being combined with an eccentric shaft which rotates two symmetric cycloid discs of the secondary drive stage.

The smooth distribution of forces within the gear unit and the high degree of overlap between the cycloid disc lobes and outer pins ensures that this large compact gear (outside diameter 570mm)  achieves a nominal torque up to 16,685 Nm and an acceleration torque of up to 30,000 Nm.

The dynamism provided by this new FINE CYCLO speed reducer, coupled with Centa’s vast expertise and versatility in designing and building innovative and robust drive solutions, means that all types of precision and automated manufacturing systems can work resiliently to the utmost proficiency for increased productivity.

It will withstand up to five time its nominal torque in emergency stop situations.

Find out more at Centa’s stand D18, email or visit today.