A new MEMS triaxial accelerometer has been introduced by PCB Piezotronics that is suitable for such shock applications as shot counting for rifles/handguns, weapons data recorders, launch characteristics, explosive environments, armour piercing, blast loading of structures and blast survivability; as well as use by jack hammer manufacturers, sporting good manufacturers, etc.

The 3503A1020KG contains three single-crystal silicon MEMS sensing elements in a single titanium package. These have an integral cable supplied with pigtails to which optional connectors can be added. Full-bridge signal conditioning is required and can be supplied by the PCB Piezotronics model 482C27, for example.

Additional features include mechanical over-range stops to ensure durability, damping of 5% (Q=10) to reduce resonance amplification, negligible zero-shift compared to piezoelectric shock sensors, low power consumption and short warm-up time.

These offer a measurement range of 20,000g  (60,000g version to follow), sensitivity of 0.01mV/g at 10V DC supply, excitation (max) 15V DC, settling time of 0.01s, overload limit (shock) ±60,000g, nominal input resistance of 6000O, base strain sensitivity 0.25mV, thermal zero-shift of ±10mV, transverse sensitivity =3%, non-linearity of ±1%, response DC to 10kHz (±1dB) and resonant frequency >60kHz. Operating temperature range is -54 to +121°C.

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