The wide format Objet 1000 3D enables large multi-material prototypes to be created directly from 3D CAD designs. This has a a build chamber volume up to 1,000mm x 800mm x 500mm, and prototypes can be produced from a choice of over 120 different materials.

Available through SYS Systems of Foston in Derbyshire, the Objet range of additive layer manufacturing devices can combine different 3D printing materials within a single model that are said to be almost indistinguishable from the final product due to its fine detailing.  The Objet 1000 combines the precision of inkjet-based 3D printing through eight individual print heads with a multi-material build capability taking in opaque, clear transparent, rubber-like flexible and a wide range of composites including ABS grade engineering plastic types.

The latest large format machine offers  build resolution of 600 dpi in both X- and Y- axes and 1,600 dpi in Z with horizontal build layering as precise as 16 microns.  In addition, the machine is equally adept in producing very small, finely detailed 3D models.

Up to 16 separate materials can be used in build sessions to accuracy levels of between 20 and 85 microns for feature elements below 50 mm and up to 0.3 mm for full size tray build applications up to 1,000 mm by 800 mm by 500 mm.