Motion specialist Trio Motion Technology has launched a new high performance servo drive aimed at increasing design flexibility for machine builders in a cost optimal package. The new DX3 single-axis servo drive is available in separate EtherCAT and conventional control options. The DX3 extends power to 7.5kW and includes 200V and 400V versions. Presenting the new servo drive at SPS 2022, the DX3 is now available in stock in the UK and across global markets.

DX3’s EtherCAT version supports update rates down to 125us for demanding motion applications. The DX3 conventional servo drive version instead supports pulse-and-direction, analogue, as well as CANopen control.  Both DX3 versions feature 350% overload for peak duty requirements.

As well as supporting various control options, a wide power range increases design flexibility for machine builders. The 200V servo drive extends from 50W to 2kW, while the 400V servo drive spans 1kW to 7.5kW. This is matched with a compact footprint and a zero stacking gap, enabling flush-fitting in a cabinet or DIN rail. The smallest servo drive among DX3’s frame sizes is just 40mm wide x 172mm high x 180mm deep.

Machine build flexibility is also extended by DX3’s cost optimised design. As part of Trio’s ‘Everything you need and nothing more’ approach to servo drives, functionality such as I/O is kept to a minimum, reducing total cost per axis. Essential features related to motor position capture have been retained, including two touch probe inputs. To ensure long-term reliability for end users, DX3 also includes a range of internal drive protection functions.

The DX3 servo drives are matched with Trio’s MXL low inertia servo motors. Extended to 400V, the MXL motors provide fast response and high torque, and are available with high resolution absolute encoders.  

Plug-and-play set-up is achieved through Trio’s easy to use MotionPerfect software, enabling access to electronic nameplate and autotuning, as well as comprehensive tuning technology. The drive can be commissioned via USB or keypad interface. Now, all Trio’s DX series servo drives can also be commissioned even using third-party controllers through MotionPerfect. This open approach further increases flexibility for machine builders.

In addition to the new DX3, Trio’s DX servo drive series includes the DX4 single axis EtherCAT drive with enhanced I/O features, as well as the compact dual-axis DX5.

“The DX3 adds flexibility for machine builders by increasing the power and voltage available from our existing servo drive range. This is achieved while maintaining compact dimensions, and crucially, while reducing cost,” says Trio’s President, Tom Alexander.

“The new servo drive, as part of the continued growth of Trio’s portfolio, demonstrates to OEMs the extension of our capabilities as a complete automation partner while maintaining our specialisation in high performance motion control.”