tesa ACXplus is a new category of double sided tapes for constructive bonding. They offer a very high bond which can last for decades on materials with different surface characteristics. Excellent stress dissipation properties means substrates with different rates of thermal expansion and contraction can be reliably joined. The temperature, weather and chemical resistance mean the tapes can be used for long-term outdoor applications and materials can be bonded without damaging or changing them.

These benefits are provided by the special viscoelastic properties of the adhesive. The special balance between the viscous and elastic behaviour not only ensures an excellent, long term bond but also absorbs dynamic forces and vibrations. This relieves stresses and leads to an adhesive bond which is dimensionally stable and permanent.

tesa ACXplus is able to absorb stresses up to three times the tape’s thickness: in other words a 0.5mm tape can compensate for an expansion in bonded parts up to 1.5mm. For example, when bonding glass to aluminium and a temperature differential of 60°C is experienced, the aluminium will expand 1.5mm more than the glass thereby putting stress on the bond. tesa ACXplus is designed to facilitate the recovery and durability of the bonded components, providing an effective and long lasting solution to differences in thermal loads.

tesa ACXplus can offer solutions to many known applications. Due to the unique technology it also enables development of a portfolio of products for application areas where no adhesive bonding solutions are yet available. An assortment of products is available with high transparency, high adhesion for bonding substrates with low surface energy and high resistance to, for example, extreme temperatures, UV light and chemicals.


tesa ACXplus 705x for bonding transparent and translucent materials

When bonding transparent or translucent materials such as glass or acrylic, an invisible bonding method is often an important consideration. tesa ACXplus 705x – High Transparency products are ideal for such applications. tesa 7054 is 0.5mm thick and tesa 7055 1mm. Both feature a very high bond on many substrates, can compensate for rough or uneven surfaces and the visco-elastic, solid acrylic core allows for different thermal expansion and contraction rates of different bonded substrates.


tesa ACXplus 706x for hard to bond to materials

Materials with low surface energy are commonly known as hard-to-bond. These include plastics such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), those containing plasticisers such as polyvinylchloride (PVC) as well as powder coated materials. The black, visco-elastic foamed acrylic core provides a very good resistance to plasticiser migration and a high immediate tack and peel adhesion. tesa 7063 is 0.8mm thick, tesa 7065 is 1.2mm and tesa 7066 1.5mm.  All tapes are suitable for securely bonding combinations of low surface energy materials.


tesa ACXplus 707x where high resistance is needed

For applications where a high or low temperature resistance is required, the tesa ACXplus 707x range offers highest long-term resistance against extreme temperatures, including outstanding cold-shock resistance. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, such as for solar panels, and especially where mechanical fastening may leave materials vulnerable to corrosion. Additionally, any stresses are spread evenly across the bond and not localised leading to potential weak spots. tesa 7074 is 1mm thick, tesa 7076 1.5mm and 7078 2mm.