Fox Petroli has optimised and expanded the production process at its bio-diesel Vasta Plant by investing in Progea Movicon SCADA from Products4Automation.

Before this installation, workers had to start each reactor manually, resulting in a series of problems which could not be controlled and managed correctly by the company. This led to further inefficiency from continuous and repetitious downtimes and production delays. Maintenance staff often worked overtime trying to fix breakdowns, the causes of which were difficult to pinpoint, inevitably prolonging the already long production downtimes.

Due to the criticality of the plant, a reliable and expandable solution was required – one that was quick to develop and integrate, and easy to maintain.

So, FOX specified a redundant and mission-critical architecture to ensure service and data storage continuity at all times, and Movicon SCADA software proved to be the best solution.

The Movicon Supervisor’s purposely designed graphical screen pages allow operators to easily control and monitor all the operations and processes in bio-diesel production, from warehouse storage, refining and reactor processes to stockpiling of produced materials. The Ethernet networked system delivers simplified production recipe management and provides sophisticated historical and analysis management that guarantees traceability of each sector’s process by recording data of events, production processes and parameters recorded during production.

Trending allows the viewing and analysis of different time scales of the plant production. Graphical reproductions of production trends can be printed according to defined or expanded time ranges.