PATLITE presents a new series of signaling devices, which have been especially designed for rough environments and explosive atmospheres.

Besides explosion-proof and maintenance-free LED signal towers of the EDLM and EDWM series, which achieve ATEX guideline 94/9 EC and are suitable for zone 1 and 2, Patlite also offers visual, audible and hybrid products which are suitable for zone 2 and 22.

Safely encased

The innovative, explosion-proof signal towers EDLM (3 coloured LED modules) and EDWM (5 coloured LED modules) come with a high-strength main body made of aluminium alloy. Thanks to their pressure- and flame-proof housing they reach protection IP66. They have been designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in environments such as (petro-) chemical industries, handling with combustible dusts, production of gas and even in food industries.

The terminal block of the EDLM and EDWM models is found at the back and provides easy access to the signal tower. The signal towers are suited for flush mount, wall mount and horizontal mount.

The EDLM type comes with patented prism facet LED modules in the colours red, yellow and green. The EDWM type is available with 5 LED modules in red, yellow, green, blue and transparent.

The Japanese Tokuyama group is planning to install a fair quantity of EDWM signal towers at its polycrystalline silicon production plant in Malaysia.

“Besides providing safety for our co-workers and machines, the explosion-proof LED signal towers model EDWM-502 helps us to improve quality control and productivity”, explains a company spokesman from Tokuyama. The company values the signal towers because they are highly dependable, maintenance-free and offer a long lasting serving life.

Energy-efficient LED lights

The series AR-070 and AR-078 are signal towers with up to five LED modules and a diameter of 40 or 60 mm. The signal lights are resistant against gas or dust explosions and are approved for zone 2 and 22. The energy-efficient LED modules with a PATLITE patented prism cut provide full and brilliant illumination.

Vertical and horizontal cut lenses in combination with a double-reflection system enhance the diffusion of the LED illumination. The LED modules – available in the colours transparent, yellow, red, blue and green – as well as the main body are made of strong synthetic materials. They withstand even high pressure and heat as well as damage caused by acid or bases.

The signal towers reach IP65 protection. That allows installation even in damp or dusty environments.

The AR-078 and AR-070 series signal towers can be either flush or wall mounted and are available with one to five LED modules. They can also be ordered with a flashing/non-flashing function and /or two super-loud alarm sounds with an 85dB (at 1 m) output. The type with alarm sound reaches protection IP54.

Large product spectrum

Explosion-proof products that are suitable for Zone 2 and 22 also include the hybrid type LKEHFE/EXN and LKEHFV/EXN, the signal horns EWH24/EXN and PVW04JF/EXN as well as the LED working lights of the CLA series and the bar lights CLF2024/EXN and CLT3024/EXN.

All explosion-proof PATLITE signaling devices comply with the standard CE/ATEX/NEC certificates.

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