Affordable, professional 3D printing is provided by the Mojo 3D printer, available in the UK from Laser Lines. The printer is powered by proven Stratasys FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) technology and works with the users’ CAD software, producing models in ABS production-grade thermoplastic.

With the Mojo Print Wizard software, the user can orient and optimise their 3D print files in an easy-to-use graphic interface – including STL thumbnails, real-time autopacking and 3D views of the print job. With colour-coded indicators on-screen, Mojo Control Panel software provides real-time 3D printer status and estimated print time. Another feature is the new QuickPack Print Engines which make it as simple to switch out Mojo 3D printing materials as an inkjet printer cartridge. Additional features include auto-calibration and 0.007 inch layer resolution.

Laser Lines

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