Hydrostatic fan drive systems from Rexroth offer a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for cooling engines and exhaust systems in rail vehicles. By continuously adjusting cooling effort, the system greatly reduces energy and occupies up to 20% less space in the engine compartment.

Rexroth hydrostatic fan drive cooling systems provide a dependable way of optimising engine and combustion temperatures, which is an essential pre-requisite for satisfying increasingly stringent emission requirements.

With standards such as Euro 6 and Tier 4, environmental sensitivity becomes more important with higher exhaust gas standards. Radiator cooling capacity may need to rise by up to 40%, resulting in size increases of 20%. Rexroth fan drives compensate for this and reduce noise pollution.  

The robust BODAS RC controller is a flexible programmable vehicle PLC. It is used in mobile applications with hydrostatic transmissions to achieve maxmimum results from the hydraulics through sophisticated closed loop controls.

Components are compact with optional versatile mounting locations to suit application space and ensure reliability. This is  important for rail locomotives where intermittent reversing of the fan cleans the radiator and brings back cooling performance in dusty or dirty environments.

The BODAS RC controller ensures the fan is always operating at the right speed, to ensure minimum time in the inefficient warm up phase, to maximum speed when the engine is operating at full power. In short, keeping the engine temperature and efficiency at optimum, irrespective of engine the speed.

The controller can be connected to the CAN bus of the engine thus making additional sensors unnecessary. There are options on drives, pumps and number of sensors etc to suit the particular vehicle and Rexroth will work with you to ensure the best most economical solution is chosen.