New from ABB is a motor based on a rotor design, which offers both high efficiency and high power output. Using synchronous reluctance technology, the new motor is robust and has practically no losses. The motor is offered as a complete package with a frequency converter and dedicated software in two configurations, one that maximises efficiency, the other that maximises output.

The high efficiency package meets the most stringent efficiency level specified by the IEC; class IE4, super premium efficiency. For customers, this means 40% less energy losses than a conventional motor, claims the company.

The second motor-drive package is said to offer a power density up to 40% higher than in a conventional induction motor. As a result, the motor size can be up to two frame sizes smaller. Because the rotor runs cooler than other technologies, the bearings also run much cooler, making the motor more reliable.

Juha Silvennoinen, head of ABB’s motors and generators business unit, said: “The new rotor is a break-through in motor technology, an achievement that makes it possible to make motors that are much more efficient and smaller than conventional induction motors.”