The robust IDK series gauge from Riftek is a simple to use gauge that enables wheel diameter measurement to be carried out in under 30 seconds. Available from Ixthus Instrumentation, this uses a three-point measurement principle that offers averaging of multiple readings to give one clear diameter value, without the need for complete wheel coverage.

Suitable for use trackside or from a pit below, the lightweight tool provides resolution to 0.01mm from its large LED display, and has a wheel diameter measurement range from 600mm to 1300mm.

The IDK-BT version includes a Bluetooth output for connection to the PDA and PC based database management system software to provide data storage for wheel-set wear tracking.

Other RIFTEK railway gauging products available from Ixthus include wheel and disk brake profile gauges, back-to-back distance measuring gauges, and laser systems for power rail position dynamic control.

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