The CBI has welcomed the Government’s ‘See Inside Manufacturing’ initiative which enables pupils, teachers and careers advisors to see firsthand some of the UK’s world-class automotive facilities and research centres.

Tim Bradshaw, CBI head of enterprise & innovation, said: “This programme gives pupils, teachers and careers advisors an invaluable practical insight into our leading automotive industry. It will provide a fresh perspective on the many different skills and careers available to help inspire the next generation of researchers, designers and engineers.”

Business Secretary, Vince Cable, announced in January that, by working with industry, government intends to build on local activities by individual companies to pull together a national ‘open days’ programme to improve the image of manufacturing, and to attract the brightest and best talent into manufacturing. Government has asked the automotive sector to take the lead on this activity in 2011, with a view to extending it across other manufacturing sectors in 2012.