With the latest products in areas such as sensors, test, measurement and data acquisition on show, the NEC, Birmingham, is the place to be on 25-26th September for Sensing?Technology 2012

Since its launch in 2010, the annual Sensing Technology exhibition has gone from strength to strength, ensuring visitors will find even more relevant products and information at each visit. Over the years the exhibition has also evolved – and now covers not only sensors and sensing solutions, but also other associated areas of instrumentation including test and measurement systems, calibration, meters, analysis devices and so on.

Sensing Technology 2012 will be co-located with MM, MEMS and NANO in Hall 3 at the NEC, Birmingham, with Mediplas and TCT Live in Hall 3a, and the PPMA show one Hall away. The latest news, however, is that Datateam Business Media has joined forces with Trident Exhibitions to run Sensing Technology this year. This means that Trident’s Sensors & Systems show will now

not be taking place at Silverstone in October. But, as a result, visitors will now be able to attend just one show covering even more products and featuring more exhibitors, rather than having to take the time to attend two exhibitions just a few weeks apart.

Sensing Technology will also feature a comprehensive seminar programme, with a variety of speakers covering a range of interesting topics. Up-to-date information on the seminar programme can be found on the website.

What can you expect to see?

Visitors will be able to see a wide range of products and solutions at Sensing Technology 2012, and some companies will be launching new products.

For a start, not only will Bürkert be showing process systems solutions and holding a seminar, but it will also be using the show to launch a new version of its multiCELL controller. The revised type 8619 multiCELL transmitter/controllers are designed to cut costs in processing applications – a systems engineer can in many instances replace an entire control cabinet with one neat controller with a built-in display. This also has the entire suite of data management and process control software modules already on-board, allowing easy management of sensor signals and process data collection. Married to data processing and display, plus easy control parameters that can be adapted to take care of a huge range of process tasks, the unit is easy to use. Due to its modular expansion facility, multiCELL users pay only for the features that they actually require. Bürkert will also be displaying a wide range of its own specialised flow, pH, pressure, temperature and level sensors.

Sensor Technology, meanwhile, will be showing its latest torque and load measuring solutions. On display will be the new TorqSense Digital RWT410/420 series torque transducers which have integral digital electronics and offer cost effective, non-contact digital rotary torque measurement, using Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology.

Visitors will also be able to see the wireless LoadSense load sensor, a strain gauge based stainless steel tension type sensor with the capability of wirelessly transmitting its data to a compatible readout and displaying or recording its data locally. Its inbuilt 32MB memory can hold up to 149 hours of data, which can then be downloaded to a PC via its USB cable.

National Instruments will be demonstrating a selection of new products. For  a start, the company will be showing LabVIEW 2012 – unveiled this August. Each new version of LabVIEW accelerates the productivity of engineers and scientists building any measurement or control application. This has new features and resources to help the user write better quality code and build their systems using good architectures and development practices.

Also released in August was the new NI CompactDAQ stand-alone system which offers a high-performance embedded measurement and logging platform with a  built-in dual-core Intel processor for running data acquisition, online analysis, and logging software. Visitors will also be able to find out about the new NI Data Dashboard, which is available on the Apple, Amazon and Android app stores.

Those visiting Micro-Epsilon’s stand will have the opportunity to view the latest innovations in infrared temperature measurement, thermal imagers, eddy current and laser displacement measurement. On view will be the new thermoIMAGER TIM 400 and 450 series of inline infrared thermal imagers which can capture and store thermal video and images with extremely high optical resolution at a full frame rate of 80Hz.

The company will also be displaying the thermoMETER CSmicro, one of the smallest infrared temperature sensors currently available. This has a diameter of 14mm, with the electronics now fully integrated in the cable. On the displacement measurement side will be Micro-Epsilon’s eddyNCDT 3100, and it will also be showing other products such as the optoNCDT 2300, a self-contained laser displacement sensor.

Also at the exhibition, Avancer will be launching the full range of Autonics Corporation Sensors and Instrumentation to the UK.  The range includes rotary encoders, absolute encoders, proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, fibre optic sensors as well as a full range of instrumentation and process control products.  

On the stand the company will have a full range of products for demonstration and display, including counters, timers, PID controllers, panel meters, graphic panels and sensors.

Not only that but visitors to the stand can enter a competition to win a chance to drive four supercars in one day – the Ferrari Modena 360, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and a single seat racing car.

Dewetron will be displaying TRION, a new data acquisition family. TRION offers a range of modular measurement systems based on plug-in amplifier/digitizer modules sampling at 200kS/s with 24 bit resolution. Input modules are available for voltage measurement up to 1200V, strain gauges, IEPE accelerometers, CAN BUS, IRIG and digital with super-counters. Systems range from the ultra-portable DEWE2-A4 with up to 32 channels through to portable and lab-based systems with up to 144 channels.

A key factor is clock synchronisation of all channels and related inputs such as CAN, video, GPS and digital, achieved with SYNC-CLOCK technology. Find out more from the company by speaking to experts at the exhibition.

Ixthus Instrumentation will be displaying the new 8661 series non-contact torque sensor from Burster, which provides precise measurement of static and bi-directional rotating torques from 0…0.05 Nm to 0…200 Nm with full-scale accuracy to 0.05%. An integrally mounted optical encoder option provides additional angular position measurement to 0.09° with rotational speed feedback.

Another exhibitor this year is ETLG Inertial Aerosystems, a value added distributor of high technology sensors representing major US manufacturers including Applied Geomechanics,  several divisions of Honeywell Aerospace, Silicon Designs, and Systron Donner Inertial. Products include tactical,  inertial and high temperature Q-Flex servo and MEMS accelerometers, pressure and magnetic transducers, high temperature SOI CMOS components, MCM’s and ASIC’s, ring laser gyroscopes, MEMS angular rate sensors and IMU’s, plus many more.

In conjunction with its workshop presentations, Bronkhorst will feature practical demonstrations on flow and pressure sensing and control on its stand. New products being launched include a Coriolis sensor/controller with ATEX/IECEx Certification for Zone 1 Hazardous Areas with flow rate capability from 0.1g/hour through to 30kg/hour, and new updated on-board software for the Cori-Fill range of dosing and batching systems, an integral part of the company’s ‘Total Flow Solutions’ concept.  

Additional products on show will include standard solutions for thermal mass flow sensors and controllers for gases and liquids, Coriolis sensors and controllers for gases and liquids, electronic pressure controllers and evaporation/mixing systems for direct vapour generation.

Meggitt Sensing Systems will be showing new products including the rugged high-g piezoresistive triaxial shock accelerometers, Endevco model 7274 series. These feature 2000, 6000, 20,000 and 60,000g ranges  (ITAR), undamped; high resonance frequency; minimal zero shift after shock, etc.

Visitors will also be able to see the Digital Servo Inclinometer Sensorex SX41100 series; single axis high-g piezoresistive shock accelerometers – Endevco model 7280A series; MEMS piezoresistive pressure transducer die Endevco model 40931; and VersaFlex cable assemblies, Endevco model 3090DV.

 Michell Instruments will be showing its ranges of moisture sensors and instrumentation, relative humidity probes and oxygen analysers. Among the products featured will be the newest addition to the company’s oxygen analyser range, the XTP601, which uses thermo-paramagetic sensors to provide stable and reliable measurements in background gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen and CO2. This analyser is available in three configurations: blind transmitter, transmitter with status LEDs, and a full display version. The company will also be showing the high-speed portable hygrometer, the MDM300 and MDM300 I.S; and the PCMini52 probe.

Visitors to Impress Sensors & Systems’ stand will be able to see a range of instrumentation including an extended range of digital pressure transmitters, multi-channel process controllers with Modbus connectivity, as well as a new digital pressure and temperature transmitter with new USB interface module.

Products on show will include the IMP series of industrial pressure transmitters, which is now available with a digital RS485 interface and Modbus RTU output. Impress provides a standard software package, which enables the user to re-range, calibrate and adjust some parameters of the device, and there is also a facility to data log via the software. The company will also be showing the CMC-99 and CMC-141 multi-channel controllers,  the new compact IMP-T series of dual pressure and temperature sensors, battery-operated pressures gauges and data loggers.

InfraTec Infrared will be exhibiting pyroelectric detectors based on single crystalline Lithium Tantalate. The range includes single- and multi-channel devices with JFET or integrated operational amplifier; detectors with special chip mounting for reduced microphonic effect; and detectors with integrated tunable Fabry-Perot filters.

The company will also have on its stand a working demonstration of its high performance pyroelectric detector combined with a MEMS based tunable micromachined Fabry-Perot filter.

Another exhibitor is TRW Conekt, which has expertise in sensing and measurement technology that spans more than 25 years.  At the show, Roger Hazelden, technology leader for Sensors & Optoelectronics, will be available to discuss difficult measurement problems and how Conekt can propose solutions. Hazelden will also be showing Conekt’s capability in wireless sensor networks for hostile environments and how the company can create bespoke, flexible hardware platforms to support their development. 

Those visiting Lascar Electronics’ stand will be able to view the successor to the EasyLog USB range of data loggers. The EasyLog WiFi range enables collection of data remotely and in real-time using an existing WiFi network. Sensing Technology 2012 will be the first opportunity for most visitors to see this significant new range and demonstrations will be provided on request. The show will also see the launch of a new line of USB data loggers and the PanelPilot range of customisable TFT panel meters, LCD and LED meters.

Binder UK will be showing a wide range of circular connectors including the range of M5, M8 and M12 sensor connectors. The company will also be showing new product developments such as high current versions of M12 connectors that are rated at 12A, and the Binder 620 and 720 series of low cost, snap-in IP67 circular connectors. These are lightweight and compact at 11.5mm and 16mm diameter respectively, and are dust and waterproof to IP67 with electrical characteristics up to 7A and 250V.  The range has a snap-in fitting method. In order to promote the range to as many application areas as possible, Binder UK has set up a promotion campaign whereby engineers can obtain samples free of charge for product evaluation.

Martec will be displaying examples of its performance engineered interconnection solutions for the critical and specialist requirements within the aerospace, defence, oil and gas, medical, automotive, subsea and renewable energy industries. Particular features will be the contactless WiPES – Wireless Integrated Power Electronics System – technology. Other products include the hermetic M-M12 connector products. Experienced design engineers will be on-hand to discuss interconnection needs and to provide expert advice.

New from m+p international, for portable data acquisition of strain, temperature and vibration signals, is the compact and rugged cube I/O chassis, together with its Coda (Continuous Data Acquisition) software product family. The small and rugged Ethernet-based cube, manufactured by United Electronic Industries, is suited to a wide variety of industrial, aerospace and laboratory data acquisition and control applications. Visitors will be able to find out more at the exhibition.

Also taking a stand at Sensing Technology is igus, which will be showing the latest additions to its chainflex continuous-flex cables and energy chains. Those visiting the stand will also be able to see live demonstrations of CFRIP, an intelligent solution to strip back long lengths of cable both quickly and easily; and the new CF Special cable range.

The companies mentioned above are just a few of those attending Sensing Technology 2012. Additional exhibitors and other information can be found at: