A 3mm diameter version has been added to Micro-Epsilon’s range of pressure-resistant position sensors for hydraulics and pneumatics applications. Suitable for miniature hydraulic cylinders and actuators, the EDS series has a non-ferrous aluminium outer sleeve as its target, which can be integrated into the piston rod. This enables the sensor body to be a solid rod, making it easier to assemble and more robust in harsh environments.

The sensors are manufactured from a pressure-resistant stainless steel (up to 450bar) and can withstand vibration and shock levels up to 300g axial and 100g radial. The sensor electronics and signal conditioning are completely integrated in the sensor flange.

The standard range is capable of measuring lengths from 100mm up to 630mm, and OEM versions can be designed to almost any measurement range, from 10mm to 1m typically. The temperature range is from -40°C to +85°C and the sensors also have short dead-bands at either end of the measurement range.

Suitable applications also include use in hydraulic suspension cylinders on mobile cranes and other off-highway vehicles, where precise measurement of displacement is required.


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