For more than 40 years GESIPA has provided industry with the most reliable automatic feed blind riveting systems and GAV 8000 added advance process control capabilities to their already proven GAV system.

With features including

  • Intuitive menu guidance via navigation and function keys
  • Screen operated setting of all operating parameters
  • Separate maintenance screen and easy faultfinding and troubleshooting,

it can be easily integrated into fully automatic production lines and can give up to 50 % time and cost savings compared to conventional blind riveting tools by setting upto 40 blind rivets per minute.

The latest accessories for GAV 8000 eco and GAV 8000 electronic are the three Setting pistol variants, to be used in different setting operations. All GAV versions can be equipped with three different versions of setting pistols for ideal adaptation to the workstation and for best access to the rivet locations.

A standard pistol is predominantly used for manual operations and can be used likewise for both vertical and horizontal blind rivet setting. The available overhead pistol is used when the contact between the hose assembly and sensitive surfaces should be avoided. For manually operated workstations, either overhead pistols with overhead hose assembly or standard pistol with floor-mounted hose assembly can be used. Both versions can be hung on a balancer, thus providing fatigue free working. The robotic pistol was created especially for use in fully automatic production or in systems operated by robotic devices. It is equipped with a mounting interface for easy installation.

One pistol type is part of the GAV‘s standard scope of delivery. Which model it is, is left to customer‘s choice according to the riveting application and to the workstation design.

The GAV is usable as part of a complete production system or in a stand-alone configuration. In case of changes to the application, the system can be quickly and easily adapted to new conditions.

GESIPA®’s fully automatic blind riveting units can be flexibly tailored to the specific production requirements of each customer. All factors including workstation layout, production type, application, securing of reproducible and safe working processes, adaptation to the industrial environment as well as process documentation can be realized using combinations of different pistol versions, lengths of tubing, special accessories for different rivet dimensions and production requirements.

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