In addition to protecting motor bearings from electrical damage, the maintenance-free Garlock SGi Shaft Grounding Bearing Isolator protects from lubricant loss and contamination.

The isolator combines the technologies of the company’s GUARDIAN non-sparking bronze labyrinth seal together with an AEGIS shaft grounding ring in a single unit. It is said to be suited to motors controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs) running pumps, fans, high-speed spindles, and other equipment in severe-duty applications.

The SGi diverts harmful currents safely to ground, bypassing the bearings entirely and extending motor life. The patented AEGIS FiberLock Channel built into this permanently secures circumferential rows of conductive micro fibres, preventing their dislocation and the resulting accidental contamination of the bearing.

Designed for long-term total bearing protection, the SGi also provides an IP56 non-contact isolation seal that withstands dust and powerful jetting liquids, as well as operating temperatures from -30°C to 149°C. The unit is available for motor-shaft sizes ranging from 22.2 to 152.4mm (0.875 to 6in) in flanged,flangeless, and custom configurations.


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