SMC UK, a leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment and machine elements, will be debuting its incredible new Air Management System that saves thousands of pounds in electricity consumption at this year’s PPMA Show (Stand D70, NEC, Birmingham, 26-28 September).

The new Air Management System enables manufacturers to achieve a 50% reduction in air consumption on any one production line, not to mention cutting CO2 emissions by up to 30%. By precisely monitoring the air flow into a production line, when systems or sections of a system are idle, the Air Management System can reduce or halt the supply of air to that section. State of the art sensors mean there’s an instant return to full flow once manufacturing restarts. 

SMC is committed to sustainable automation and energy efficiency, and the latest Air Management System is its flagship innovation. The company is also a leader in the field of wireless communications which improves efficiency and drastically cuts lead times on machinery and parts supply – particularly invaluable in the robotics industry and end of line palletising applications. The company will be demonstrating its expertise and the incredible advantages of this technology in a dedicated Wireless Zone at PPMA. 

Last but far from least, SMC will also be showcasing its hygiene focused IP67 rated technology on the stand with half a dozen new models to explore. As a reputable supplier to both OEMs and end users SMC has committed to being part of the Partners in Packaging initiative – find out on stand D70 how this could benefit you. SMC’s Partners in Packaging customers will also be demonstrating its Air Management System on stands across the exhibition floor so look out for other working examples of SMC’s pioneering technology.

SMC UK’s Marketing Manager Tom Campbell explained: “Here at SMC we’re all about sustainable development goals. We work really hand in hand with our clients, side by side on the factory floor to explore and define their needs and aspirations. The new Air Management System is really raising the bar – I mean, what manufacturer wouldn’t jump at the chance to save thousands on its production lines? With the bonus of greater sustainability? 

“It’s all about connectivity as well. Why wait six months for a robot when going wireless and losing that comms cable can cut the wait to 2 weeks? That’s what we did recently for an OEM of ours. It’s a complete game-changer and it can be applied to existing set-ups too. Give us a manufacturer from any industry that uses robots and we’ll show you how they can cut energy use and expenditure, slash lead times, improve productivity and make headway on their sustainability targets. Come and see us at PPMA and we’ll show you how.”

SMC manufactures pneumatic equipment and machine elements that play an essential role in the automation of various industries, from robots and other devices required in the automation of factory production line manufacturing and assembly processes to automatic inspection equipment used for medical and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. 

Find out more at PPMA on stand D70 (26-28 September, NEC) or visit: