Solar blind rivets now with Z-14.4-537 DIBt-approval for all usual material combinations

SolarGrip™ — The solar fastener

  • The only solar blind rivet with Z–14.4–537 (alu/alu, alu/steel) and Z–14.1–4 (steel/steel, steel/wood) DIBt approval
  • Matching grip range for many solar applications
  • Ideal for working on troughed panel roofs
  • Watertight thanks Solar-Seal surface treatment for 4,8mm rivets
  • Riveting of sponge rubber or EPDM washers possible without difficulties
  • Protection against theft

SolarGrip™ — The basic characteristics

  • Large grip range coverage with a single blind rivet for different troughed panel thicknesses
  • Wide closing head for improved unbuttoning characteristic
  • High hole filling capability compensates hole tolerances


Special version for solar applications – Ideal for recessed, poorly accessible rivet locations, for easy access to rivet locations

PowerBird®-Solar – In practise

  • Fatigue free working through well balanced weight repartition and ergonomic grip
  • Gravity controlled evacuation of broken mandrels: forward through the nosepiece or backwards into the mandrel container
  • The immediate and automatic reset after each riveting process saves energy and speeds up the operation
  • Compact, shockproof tool housing
  • User oriented scope of delivery: metal carrying case with one battery charger, two power batteries and four nosepieces

PowerBird®-Solar – With new Li-Ion energy

  • 2,6 Ah battery, alternatively 1,3 Ah on request
  • No Memory-effect
  • High Energy yield through high voltage and low weight for easy and fast operation
  • Extremely low self-discharge
  • New battery shape allows the tool to be stored standing on its battery

Working range

SolarGrip™ blind rivets with Ø 4,8 and 6,4 mm;

Blind rivets from Ø 4,8 mm steel up to 6,4 mm all materials, except G-Bulb® Ø 6,4 mm;

BULB-TITE® blind rivets up to Ø 7,7 mm, all materials;

MEGA GRIP® blind rivets up to Ø 6,4 mm all materials.

Technical data

Weight: 2,2 kg with battery

Stroke: 20 mm

Operating voltage: 14,4 V DC

Setting force: 13.000 N

Extension unit: 100 mm


100 mm extension unit

Two Li-Ion power batteries 2,6 Ah/14,4 V

Quick charger

Nosepieces 17/32, 17/36, 17/40, 17/45, 17/48 BT

Operating instructions

Metal case

Contact Information:

Gesipa Blind Riveting Systems Ltd

Dalton Lane, Keighley, West Yorkshire,

BD21 4JU
T: +44 (0) 1535 212200

F: +44 (0) 1535 212232