Rapid prototyping company, Star Prototype has helped an innovative Australian company develop a product that promises to put an end to the age old problem of wobbling tables in cafés and restaurants.

Easyjust is a café table base that incorporates patented Remote Operated Stabilisation (ROS) technology, which allows the user to quickly and easily adjust one of the table’s legs using a wheel located in the table’s column and thus stop the wobble. The product is already being used extensively in Australia, having successfully featured on ABC’s New Inventors (an antipodean version of Dragon’s Den) and plans are now being made to introduce it into the UK and Europe.

Star Prototype, which is based in the Guangdong Province of China, was initially tasked with delivering Easyjust full scale working prototype made from CNC machined Aluminium.

Following the successful completion and delivery of the highly polished samples within just 40 days, Easyjust commissioned Star to manufacture a die cast tool for production and involved the team in enhancing the product design in terms of its manufacture and assembly.

Gordon Styles, the British businessman who owns and manages Star, said: “This project demonstrates exactly what Star Prototype is all about. From the initial enquiry right through to the delivery of the manufacturing design advice we had the necessary expertise and capabilities to ensure the client was never disappointed.”

Commenting on the project, Trevor Watson, managing director of Easyjust, said: “I was thoroughly impressed by Star Prototype’s service, breadth of capabilities and expertise throughout the project.”

Star Prototype initially offered the working prototype samples in a range of finishes, including powder coated, silver anodized, painted and the highly polished version Easyjust selected.

The tool was made from H13 type mould steel, which was hardened to 42HRc to give exceptional stability. The Aluminium die casting alloy used was A380.

You can find out more about Easyjust by visiting http://www.easyjust.com.au.

For further information visit www.star-prototype-china.com or call +86 138 2272 8700.