The Stayplas 30° is a high performance screw designed for use in thermoplastics, it has a 30° degree thread angle, optimum pitch width and a high major thread ratio. The thread profile requires a low insertion torque, whilst providing a high strip out torque and a greater load bearing capacity.

The 30° thread angle reduces the risk of spitting the material on insertion and provides maximum resistance to vibration.

Staytite stock an extensive range of sizes, in various head styles, with full batch traceability and extremely competitive prices. In addition we are able to supply a range of alternative materials and bespoke designs to customer specifications.

Since our formation in 1978, we have gained a reputation for offering a range of high quality, competitively priced fasteners that both save time and add value to production. The introduction of the Stayplas 30° will further enhance our core product range of: SEMS Screws, Barb Nuts, Carp Nuts, All Metal Lock Nuts, Serrated and Non Serrated Flange Nuts and Bolts.

Our aim is to become the first choice supplier to the fastener distribution market for the complete range of these products.

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