Star Prototype has delivered a plastic injection moulding solution that has enabled an American firm to bring to market a device that carries both a flash and optical drive on one USB stick.

isostick was developed by Elegant Invention, a small technology company based in South Bend, Indiana. It is already proving popular with both IT professionals and amateurs who are keen to replace mountains of CDs and slow load times with one device that can be carried around on a key ring.

STAR was initially called in to deliver a three-part injection moulding process, which saw the China-based British-owned rapid prototyper create the top, bottom and end of the isostick’s housing using a combination of plastic injection moulding and painting.

At the time of the first order Elegant Invention had only suggested a colour range, but STAR’s team was quick to highlight the option for translucent colours and it was soon agreed to proceed with three per cent translucency. Since then, fully transparent samples have been developed and are due to go into production soon, while the option of using a material that would glow under UV light is also being discussed.

Eric Agan, owner of Elegant Invention, said: “I have been impressed by the team at Star Prototype every step of the way. The workmanship and product quality has been consistently excellent, while their initial thinking in terms of translucency helped enhanced the visual appeal of the isostick.”

Gordon Styles, managing director of STAR, added: “We always look to provide added value in everything we do, whether it be an innovative solution to a problem; the use of new technology that enables us to deliver an order more quickly and competitively; or simply advice based on our experience with new products and prototypes. By doing this we feel we can stand out from the crowd and make our mark with each and every client.”

Star Prototype is a full service rapid prototyping company based in the Guangdong Province of China. Opened in 2005 by Gordon Styles, the former owner of British-based Styles RPD, the company has created a niche for itself by offering Western quality at Chinese prices. For further information visit or call +86 138 2272 8700.