Lafert has introduced a new gearless brushless synchronous motor range, engineered specifically for the lift/elevator market, which has a factory fitted brake and traction sheave. Compact in size, this is a fully integrated motive power solution.

The motors employ the latest permanent magnet motor technology and are efficient and quiet. This is complemented by the elimination of losses arising from the use of gears. They are Directive 95/16/EC EN 81-1 compliant and TÜV verified, and offer torques up to 660Nm at low speeds, and payload capabilities ranging from 240kg to 1275kg (from three to 17 people).

The range is available as single and three phase units, has plant speeds of 0.6, 1.0 and 1.6 metres/second with motor speeds of 90 to 300 min-1 (roping 2:1) and 45 to 150 min-1 (roping 1:1). Power ranges are from 1.4kW to 17.6kW.

According to the company, these enable lift/elevator manufacturers to offer customers compact energy efficient ‘machine roomless’ designs. The motors also permit end users to upgrade existing installations.

Lafert Electric Motors                

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