New to Norbar Torque Tools’ compact series of Handtorque Multipliers is the HT-92 and HT-119, which are said to be ideal for bolt tightening in confined spaces such as wind turbine towers.

In comparison to the closest existing model from Norbar’s current range, the HT-30, the HT-92 is smaller in diameter (92mm versus 108mm), lighter (5.4 kg versus 7 kg) and has a 1000 N.m higher torque output at 4000 N.m.

The HT-119 with fitted reaction plate is 3.2 kg lighter than the HT60, the closest model in the Norbar range, but has a 1000 N.m higher torque output at 7000 N.m.

Both will be supplied with a traceable calibration certificate stating its exact ratio. The nominal ratio for the HT-92 and HT-119 will be 25:1 and the calibration certificate will demonstrate that this performance guarantee is delivered within a tolerance band of +/- 4% by stating the exact ratio for every product delivered.

Philip Brodey, sales and marketing director at Norbar, said: “The multipliers have stainless steel bodies for much more than just aesthetic benefits. We know that our Handtorque Multipliers have tough lives and the use of a corrosion resistant material means that there is no plating that can be damaged or lifted off. The stainless steel we have chosen is also extremely strong, which will contribute to these products being the most reliable on the market. Removing the need for plating also means fewer production miles and no plating chemicals to deal with.”