For transferring tricky high viscosity ingredients such as tomato puree, pulps, creams and syrups, Pump Engineering is offering the easy to clean CSF piston pumps.

These are available as a long version for drum emptying where the piston is below the liquid level to enable the pump to handle liquids with a very high viscosity. The positive head and bottom entry positioning of the pumps ensures improved flow rate and increased efficiency. A short version is also available.

Depending on the model, these will deliver pressures up to 20 bar, while flowrates reach up to 100 l/min. They can be fitted with a bag-in drum inlet to prevent the plastic drum lining used in some containers from being sucked into the pump. For non-flowable creams, pastes, gels and waxes, the pumps can be fitted with a follower plate and single or two post ram which will empty any parallel sided vessel.