UniversalAutomation.Org (UAO), the independent, not-for-profit association managing the implementation of an industrial automation shared runtime execution engine to decouple the application software from the hardware on which it executes, has launched of UAO-compliant offers from MatriBox, ASRock Industrial, ODOT, TaoTech and HNAC.

At SPS Fair 2023, UAO showcased the latest V23.0 version of the runtime execution engine, bringing more functionalities for users and vendors of automation and addressing the need for portability of independent automation application. Potential members, from end-users to providers, will have the opportunity to see the latest developments of the technology and benefits providers by the shared runtime execution engine.

Leveraging the UAO runtime execution engine based on the IEC 61499 standard for distributed information and control systems, the latest offers will enable customers to test the benefits of the technology through:

• Application portability – applications can be developed independently of the hardware, allowing them to be seamlessly deployed and executed on different devices.

• Application interoperability – a single application can be deployed across multiple devices, which will automatically interoperate at the application level to execute the distributed application.

• Efficient engineering and easy maintainability – the offerings utilise plug and produce, asset-centric software components to streamline the engineering process and simplify maintenance.


“We’re excited to announce the next wave of universal automation offers and how they will shape the future of automation,” said John Conway, President of UniversalAutomation.Org. “Our members play a crucial role in enriching our ecosystem and enhancing our capabilities. Through their support, we’ve made a positive impact on our network, leading to increased operational efficiency, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and scalability.”

ASRock Industrial 

“ASRock Industrial is excited to join forces with UAO in leading the advancement of open automation. Together, we are dedicated to creating top-tier universal automation solutions for clients who prioritise open architecture,” said Kenny Change, VP of Product and Marketing Division at ASRock Industrial. “Our Industrial IoT Controller, featuring products like the iEP-5000G and iEP-7020E, combined with UAO’s cutting-edge IEC 61499 standards, showcases outstanding performance, interoperability, and seamless compatibility. This groundbreaking collaboration reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of open automation, empowering businesses to thrive in industrial markets by being competitive, agile, and future proof.”


“HNAC is a solutions provider specialising in water conservancy, electric power, environmental protection, water treatment, and industrial control. Since becoming a member of UAO and implementing the shared runtime execution engine, we’ve experienced rapid advancements in our manufacturing process” said Mingwei KANG, Chief Architect at HNAC. “Using the IEC 61499 runtime execution engine, we have implemented technical features such as an event-driven mechanism, which enables seamless IoT integration and distribution. In the field of process control, the IEC 61499 runtime execution engine offers more technical advantages when integrated with informatisation and intelligence.”


“We create advanced computing engines for production lines that involve data, AI and business platforms across multiple structures and protocols,” said Eric Hou, CEO at MatriBox. “Given the complexity, traditional manufacturing technology integration can be challenging. However, IEC 61499 architecture offers a solution by enabling seamless integration with different architectures, which simplifies implementation and enhances convenience.”


“Open automation and the shared IEC61499 runtime execution engine have redefined the manufacturing industry. IT technologies can now be integrated quickly and efficiently, creating greater opportunities for product innovation” Liang LIAO, Product manager at ODOT said: “As an automation solution provider, our products are often complex, which has previously hindered the manufacturing process. However, with the adoption of open software, we’ve discovered that complexity is no longer a barrier. In fact, the more complex the project, the simpler it becomes to use, and the ongoing maintenance costs are significantly reduced.”


“As an IoT service provider, we understand the vastness of the industry and the importance of integration in maintaining competitiveness,” said Zhenli SUI, General Manager at Tao Tech. “UAO’s IEC 61499 is a more open PLC standard that decouples software and hardware. It supports distributed deployment, portability, interoperability, and event-driven capabilities, making it the ideal platform to usher in the future of industrial digitization.”