Vibration-free rear view mirrors

Feb 11, 2012 | Fasteners & adhesives

Top BMW motorcycle models can achieve 175 bhp @ 9,250 rpm, acceleration of 0-100kph in less than three seconds and top speeds up to 140mph. With such performance levels, riders need a clear view before overtaking, and a shaky rear view mirror can be a potential danger.

To help, the company is using Böllhoff’s SNAPLOC vibration-free ‘push-on/pull-off’ fastening system. Not only does this minimise vibration of the mirror assembly, but it allows quick and easy ‘snap-fit’ installation and disassembly for repair, replacement or servicing.

The customised fastening solution comprises three SNAPLOC ball pins which are fitted to the metal frame of the motorcycle. These connect with three mating couplings which are press fitted into the engineering plastic mirror housing and held in place by an undercut. The ball pins, or studs, are injection over-moulded in glass filled nylon (PPA GF) engineering plastics around steel fasteners whose M6 threads are finished in a black Zn/Ni coating to enhance corrosion resistance. The receiving couplings are precision injection moulded in black EPDM – X: a grade of material that provides resistance to UV exposure and long term vibration absorption.

Three basic designs of SNAPLOC couplings have been developed for plate fastenings, for mounting domes and fixing with adhesive. Different ball diameters accommodate a range of stress conditions while stud sizes and other physical dimensions can be varied to suit application requirements. Ball studs are injection over-moulded in engineering plastics around steel fasteners.

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