Underwater metal detection equipment and magnetometers produced by Aquascan International are used by hobbyists, professional treasure hunters and commercial operations in deep water, and are therefore subject to corrosive sea water and intense pressures. According to an Aquascan International representative, it’s not unusual for the products to be taken as deep as 100m below sea level. The pressure levels at this depth are 11 bars, or 11 times greater than the pressure exerted at the surface.

So during the development of its latest product, a specialist piece of equipment which will allow divers to make electrical connections while underwater, Aquascan approached Hylec-APL to specify an electrical connector which would meet its requirements.

Not only did the connector need to be compact while providing reliable connections, but it had to offer corrosion protection and be suitable for further customisation by the company.

To meet requirements, the TeeTube connector, part of the Tee family of waterproof products, was recommended. The TeeTube uses dome topped cable glands to form a completely watertight seal (IP68 up to five bar) which can be easily adjusted by hand. Of additional benefit, it is constructed from polyamide which makes it resistant to the corrosive qualities of the sea water.

The fully approved, all-weather TeeTube is available in a range of sizes and features high integrity TPE-V seals to provide protection and ensure reliability, accommodating different types of commercially available cable up to 17mm Ø max (depending on product).

Although the TeeTube offers ingress protection up to 10m, for this application further protection was needed, which involved filling them with an epoxy resin to ‘pressure proof’ the products.


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