What can they do?

What benefits do they add to an application, and when and where can you use them?

Enabling reliable, vibration resistant quick access in a wide range of applications across many different markets and industries, Quick Access Fasteners solve many of the fastening problems associated with traditional screws.

At Southco, we pride ourselves on innovating and engineering market-leading Quick Access Fasteners that provide enhanced ergonomics and durable, elegant touchpoints for any application.

The comprehensive range has many different material, finish and style options and provides a variety of choice for demanding applications.

Quick Access Fasteners are a sure way to add value to any application, by providing end-users a faster, safer access solution, while keeping visual cohesivity.

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The webinar covers the product range and options, the functional and operational benefits, and general performance parameters, and is aimed at all Engineers seeking alternative fastening solutions.

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