With four times the resolution of previous products and ten times faster evaluation, the new O2I multicode reader from ifm electronic can read almost any type of barcode or 2D code quickly and reliably, even in challenging conditions. Furthermore, it’s as fast and easy to set up as an ordinary sensor and, in everyday applications, it can be made ready for use in just a few seconds.

With their one-button teach function, O2I readers automatically recognise the code type and optimise the focus and exposure settings, making them ready for immediate use. For users requiring additional control, the automatic settings can be fine-tuned with the user-friendly companion smartphone app. Alternatively, ifm’s Vision Assistant software can be used to configure the O2I reader for more complex applications, such as the recognition of multiple codes in a single image, or sequential control.

To ensure dependable code reading even with ‘difficult’ targets, such as those with reflective surfaces, the O2I reader incorporates a polarisation filter to increase contrast and also offers optional integrated illumination. In addition, its fast evaluation system means that multiple images with different exposure times can be captured very quickly, allowing codes to be recognised even if ambient light levels are changing or the targets have variable surface characteristics.

The new O2I multicode readers from ifm are available with standard, wide-angle or telephoto lens, and can be supplied in versions which use visible red light or infrared light. All types incorporate TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP interfaces accessed via a rotatable connector to aid installation, and all have robust diecast bodies that provide excellent protection even in demanding operating environments.