Essaimage Associates has launched a new university programme for EnOcean in Munich, Germany. This initiative will educate the university community about energy harvesting wireless technology and open career opportunities for students.

The programme includes a 13 month placement structure for the students, an extended period which allows them to become valuable contributors and full members of the company’s development team. This is said to be great for the host company and vital to the student’s professional development. Furthermore, the students will be actively involved in the promotion and selection of their successors, giving them invaluable experience of the recruiter’s side of the process.

Students who have been through the Essaimage Associates-devised placement process return to their university with both deeper engineering expertise and broader general experience, including recruitment and training. As the programme continues it gradually creates a pipeline of talent which the host company can look to recruit from as the students become graduates.

As part of its work Essaimage Associates will also be taking EnOcean technology and putting it into universities for use in labs and student projects.