The Dearman Engine – a zero emission engine which runs on liquid air – has taken a step towards commercial reality as Ricardo (a multi-industry consultancy for engineering, technology, project innovation and strategy) and a team of top UK academics and research experts have concluded that they have found no challenges for which potential engineering solutions have not been identified.

It is believed that a demonstration engine can be built inside two years, and that there are numerous practical applications for the use of the engine in the future where it “could compete with hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric systems in zero emission applications.” Offering the benefits of low cost and simplicity, Ricardo believes that “in the longer term, the technology could also be suitable for small vehicles operating in urban environments.”

Toby Peters, founder of Dearman Engine Company, explains: “This is a rigorous independent technology review and engine feasibility study by a highly respected global engineering consultancy. Clearly we still have a long way to go to build a fully optimised demonstration engine and also get people to believe that using cold air as an energy vector is not a load of hot air. Ricardo’s thumbs-up gives us real confidence that we have something exciting.”

The Dearman Engine Company and Ricardo are working on the development of the demonstration engine.