When Welsh Water Sewage Treatment Works (STW) became aware that the ageing worm gear drives on six half bridge scrapers were nearing the end of their operating lives, and that a solution was needed that would fit into the existing footprint, the treatment works turned to Brevini.

This project was a little trickier than previous ones as the worm gearboxes were set well back, and there was a foot mounted housing containing the bearing assembly to support the bridge. So for this application, Brevini provided a planetary solution that uses highly rated taper­ roller bearings in the output assembly to support the bridge directly by fitting the wheel onto the gearbox shaft.

As well as being capable of accommodating the high reduction ratios and arduous applications often associated with the water industry, planetary gearboxes offer robustness and efficiency, and are suitable for retrofitting in place of obsolete gear designs. Of additional benefit, Brevini uses software to verify that the gearbox lifetime will exceed the design life of the equipment it is driving. In the case of continuously operating equipment in the water industry, this can often be in excess of 100,000 hours.

Six planetary solutions were delivered to the STW. Welsh Water wanted to use standardised wheel drives, so Brevini supplied each drive with a specialised smaller diameter shaft to accommodate this.


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