Romax Technology has released version R14.0 of the precision bearing, gearbox and driveline simulation and analysis software – RomaxDesigner – and wind turbine drivetrain specific variant – RomaxWind.

This enhanced version has a Concept Modeller module option which, the company states, revolutionises the speed with which complex gearbox models can be created, functionally analysed and exported to CAD for packaging analysis.

Designers can create gearboxes using ‘stick-diagrams’, with possible gearbox layouts including complex ravigneaux and plus-planet planetary arrangements, and the latest dual-clutch arrangements. The Concept Modeller module takes the stick-diagram input and generates 2D and 3D representations which can be analysed visually by selecting cut planes through the design, enabling high-speed analysis of the basis properties required to evaluate many design concepts and select those that merit more detailed study. In addition, the certification process for gearboxes designed with RomaxWind has become smoother. 

Romax Technology

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