With complex production lines and installations, key components may be in different locations, sometimes even on different floors. But, in such a decentralised system, it is difficult to debug a PLC program during commissioning or after an upgrade or modification without being able to watch the machinery in operation.

As a solution, Mitsubishi has introduced the GOT1000 series of HMIs which features a special FA transparent function that enables a PC connected to the HMI to link directly through to other Mitsubishi Electric Automation Systems products, including PLCs, inverters and servo drives.

Now, wherever these components are on the production line, engineers can form a direct link to them from a PC connected just to the HMI, enabling both the GOT1000 terminal and the PLC program to be debugged in a single, efficient operation. Because touch panel operation is enabled even when the PC is connected, engineers can see exactly how any modifications to the programs will impact on the machine operation.

This ability to perform debugging locally or over decentralised systems can dramatically shorten downtime, so increasing machine availability.