Weidmüller has developed the new OMNIMATE® PGK 4 through-panel terminal with PUSH IN connection system, specifically for times when space for applications is limited, and flexible, space-saving connection systems are needed. such as when installing devices with a panel or enclosure feed-through.

The PGK4 feed-through terminal is a convenient and cost effective solution enabling simple and secure installation in housing walls. Incorporating Weidmüller’s innovative PUSH IN connection system means a conductor connection is provided on the inside and outside of the device which is easy to operate, without any tools. It also meets the need for permanent and vibration-resistant contacts. Stranded wire conductors with a ferrule (DIN 46228/1) and single-stranded conductors can be directly plugged in on the PGK 4 feedthrough terminals. Conductor connections with a cross-section of up to 4.0mm² with ferrules are possible and users can perform a simple function check at any time using the easily accessible diagnostic test points.

The PGK 4’s ease of use results in reduced installation costs.  The connection blocks enable a large numbers of poles to be quickly and simply assembled, without taking up valuable space, thanks to the sliced construction.  This means that users can engage the slices with incredible ease and fix the terminal block in the housing cut-out in a matter of seconds. The terminal block engagement mechanism developed by Weidmüller ensures a safe and reliable hold for the device feed-through and is suited to panel thicknesses of between 1.50mm and 3.00mm.

Future-proofed, halogen-free materials and numerous approvals mean that the terminals can be used for even more purposes in new device designs. The rated data of the PGK 4 feedthrough terminal complies with IEC 60947-7-1: rated voltage of 500V, rated impulse voltage of 6 kV, rated current of 32A. The terminals are made from Wemid and classified as flammability rating V-0 according to UL94. The Wemid insulating material permits use up to a continuous usage temperature of 120°C.

The PGK 4 feedthrough terminals can be clearly labelled on the top and bottom such that the legend can always be read regardless of mounting position. The user can use Weidmüller’s ‘dekafix 5.5’ standard marking system to label operating equipment.

Weidmüller’s on-demand, 72-hr sample service can be used to order OMNIMATE® PGK 4 samples, in addition to samples from their device manufacturing components and electronic housings portfolios to any location worldwide.

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