Carbolite ovens are making a real difference to work being conducted at the James Walker Technology Centre in Cockermouth, UK. The centre has been equipped with twelve 120-litre capacity, 300°C, peak ovens for high-temperature product testing. James Walker provides fluid sealing products and associated knowledge-based services to a broad range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to oil and gas. Control and quality are high on their list of priorities, and this was reflected in the selection of Carbolite equipment.

Following extensive flooding in 2009, James Walker took the opportunity to update and upgrade equipment. The James Walker Technology Centre team selected the Carbolite ovens that are now used as part of the research, design and quality control processes. Samples are aged in the oven for up to several weeks at temperatures ranging from 70°C to 250°C to monitor any changes in the materials. Due to the precise nature of the work, it is vital that all equipment used at the centre delivers consistent results and has excellent control uniformity, allowing the required standards to be met.

“Carbolite ovens and furnaces are highly accurate and we can rely on them to hit and maintain the correct temperatures. They are robust and easily serviceable, but if we ever do have any queries they are dealt with quickly and efficiently,” said Andrew Douglas, Lab Manager of the James Walker Technology Centre. “We already used several Carbolite large factory ovens on site, and knew that they could provide us with high-quality equipment that met our needs completely. Having reliable products which meet both British and International standards is vital for us and our customers, and the Carbolite ovens help us hugely in achieving this.”

Carbolite’s extensive range of ovens and furnaces are designed to fit across a wide selection of applications and setups.

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