HepcoMotion has launched a new track technology that, it claims, allows any conceivable 2D shape to be realised.

The entire track element of ‘1-Trak’ is manufactured from a single piece of steel, which can include a base plate. Not only do its strength and accuracy mean it can be used as a key structural element of the machine, but the product can be customised with holes, slots and other features. It can also be supplied mounted to a HepcoMotion MCS frame as the basis for complete automation system.

As there are no joints ‘1-Trak’ systems are completely seamless and free running with no possibility of misalignment; and smoother, quieter motion is also achieved.

Additional benefits include a high degree of flexibility in track configuration, the carriages exhibit zero play everywhere on the circuit, and the ‘1-Trak’ circuits can accommodate much tighter bends.

A video of the new system in action can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJqMWphKfFA