Maplesoft has released MapleSim Connector for B&R Automation Studio, which allows engineers to integrate high-performance, multidomain system models from MapleSim into B&R Automation Studio. 

MapleSim is an advanced physical modelling and simulation tool that is said to apply modern techniques to dramatically reduce model development and analysis time while producing fast, high-fidelity simulations. B&R Automation Studio is an integrated engineering development environment that allows the controller, drive, communication and visualisation phases of a development project to all be configured in a single environment.

With this new connectivity solution, complex engineering system models can be rapidly developed and optimised in MapleSim’s intuitive visual modelling environment.  The high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to code for easy inclusion into B&R Automation Studio.

Kurt Zehetleitner, technical manager automation software, B&R, said: “By using MapleSim and the MapleSim Connector for B&R Automation Studio, automation engineers can dramatically reduce the time they spend developing and analysing their models with the potential to save literally months of work in some cases.”

The MapleSim Connector for B&R Automation Studio is available from Adept Scientific.