Bifold provide the widest range of relief valves for pneumatic and hydraulic instrument applications with pressures ranging from 7 to 1300 bar.

Our relief valves are suitable for safety applications. Many other relief valves of this type on the market, fail to perform the correct safety function required.

The Bifold pneumatic relief valves have a very high flow and low dead band. The relief valves are a safety device designed to match Bifold’s high flow filter regulators. The device will limit the over pressure to less than110% of the set point in the event of a filter regulator mis-operation. Some other relief valves on the market have insufficient flow to be used as a safety device in this application.

Bifold precision relief valves have very high sealing forces along with accurate and narrow dead bands allowing system design pressure to be reduced. Precision relief valves should be used in preference to sprung relief valves where there is a risk of vibration induced leakage or where dead bands are important to system performance. Sprung relief valves typically will have a narrow dead band when tested on a static dead weight tester but will have a much wider dead band under flowing conditions that will require a significant drop in system pressure to enable the valve to reseat.

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