Up against time demands for the launch of its Glorious! ‘Skinny Dip’ range of products, TSC Foods urgently needed a versatile mixer capable of producing products – from textured dips to smooth creamy food bases – in volumes of up to 500kg per batch. For the solution, the company turned to Advanced Engineering of Rochdale, and gave the company just eight weeks to design, build and prove the mixer.

The solution was a package based upon Advanced Engineering’s in-house mixer experience. The company also drew upon the electrical systems expertise of its sister company, QualTech Engineering Services. The resulting mixer comprised a large top-loading mixing vessel supported on two rotating arms located in an enclosed support structure either side of the vessel. The stainless steel vessel has a bottom mounted specifically-designed chopping/reducing blade, and a rotating anchor equipped with hinged PTFE scrapers to prevent product adhering to the vessel and ensure effective mixing of all ingredients.

Different products and textures are achieved by varying speeds and mixing times. These can be set/run manually or through a pre-programmed recipe on the mixer’s HMI to ensure on-going product consistency. After mixing, the product is discharged into tote bins by using the motor-driven vessel tilting function. Tilting increases the product yield and simplifies cleaning. This design also eliminates the need for connecting hoses and valves. Consequently, cleaning is minimised, saving time and promoting better hygiene.

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