Now available from HepcoMotion is the Bishop-Wisecarver UtiliTrak Carriage Brake System, a simple mechanism that allows the UtiliTrak linear motion system to be manually locked at any user-selected position along the rail.

This comprises a handle and a brake block which fits over the existing lubricator end caps. The twin brake arms that straddle the rail are engaged and disengaged by turning the handle.

The brake system components are positioned below the carriage’s payload mounting surface to minimise interference, and the angular position of the handle arm can be adjusted to any position without affecting the brake engagement status or level of braking force. An additional brake assembly can be located at the opposite end of the wheel plate for added braking strength.

The system is suitable for four UtiliTrak sizes – 0, 1, 2, 3 – in the steel, aluminium and Open Channel series.