DC injection brakes for bringing motors quickly and safely to a stop are available from Ralspeed. Manufactured by Peter Electronic, these are available with ratings from 6A to 600A and can be supplied in versions for three-phase applications.

For applications where braking is required to continue until the motor comes to a complete stop, Ralspeed offers the Versibrake LP units with ratings up to 30A. These provide infinitely variable control over braking current and have an integrated braking contactor, all within a 45mm wide DIN housing. Braking is controlled both by the motor contactor and by motor voltage detection. Other models with similar features are available for larger motors.

If time-dependent braking is preferred, VB braking devices are offered which feature a volt-free contact that can be used to energise the star contactor in star delta starters during braking; as well as type BR devices for braking multiple motors.