A wide range of mechanical components are available from Euro-Bearings. One example is combined roller bearings and mating steel profiles. Combined roller bearings are a combination of a radial and an axial bearing operating at 90° to each other on a common hub. The radial bearing carries the main load and the axial roller resists ‘crabbing’ or side thrust. Both being cylindrical roller bearings of ‘cageless’ design, these offer maximum load for size, and are capable of carrying loads from tens of kilos up to hundreds of tonnes in both horizontal and vertical linear motion applications.

In use, the combined roller bearing engages in a ‘C’ or ‘H’ section profiled steel section. The radial roller engages on the flanges of the profiled section and the axial roller engages on the web of the profiled section.

Originally designed for fork trucks, combined roller bearings and steel profiles are now being used in specialised handling equipment. One example is the cantilevered lift mechanism created to lift the 50 tonne wing of the A380. Massive Jumbo combined bearings and special welded and profiled rails were used to achieve this.

Other applications range from marine cable and pipe laying equipment, materials handling equipment and specialised vehicles, to palletisers, medical equipment, and oil drilling and exploration equipment.